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Come On By And Meet Our Award-Winning Alpacas! 

Here at Eagle Eye Farm, we offer various different tours and events ranging from school field trips, corporate events or private parties, birthdays, public tours, alpaca yoga, womens retreats, summer camps, and so much more. You’ll be sure to find your ideal farm fun adventure with us. 

During your visit, you’ll meet our animals and the alpacas. Our alpacas participate in shows and we are proud to say that they have reigned supreme many times!  Alpacas are judged on their fleece and conformation. We strive to breed and raise the highest quality of alpacas and it has been proved time and time again that our alpacas are truly majestic. We’ve been so lucky in the show ring and we are excited to share future successes again. During our tours, you’ll get a front row seat on what qualifies an alpaca to compete in a show and we’ll show you the ropes on how to be an alpaca-champ! You’ll also gain knowledge on the process for making our very own alpaca products. Do not worry about this part because the best part is, our alpaca products are crafted with love and made with a 100% cruelty free process! Who knows, maybe your visit to the farm leaves a future little farmer star struck with our animals inspiring a future full of farmtastic fun!

Oliver's Story

Oliver is our social, loveable alpaca. Orphaned at birth, this little bottle baby won the hearts of everyone overcoming significant health issues. He is now one of the most loved alpacas at Eagle Eye Farm. 

Consider sponsoring Oliver ( or one of his charming farm friends!) to help provide the food, shelter and care needed for life on the farm.

Sponsoring an animal at Eagle Eye is easy and also makes for a great gift or tribute to a beautiful life lived.

Learn More about Sponsoring Oliver & His Farm Friends
  • A chicken in a coop
  • Mini Highland Cattle

    Mini Highland Cattle

  • Angora bunny with a foot ball


    English Angora rabbits are renowned for their incredibly soft and fluffy wool. These adorable creatures are a wonderful addition to our farm, as we combine their wool with our alpaca fleece to create exquisite yarn!

  • Izzy


    Prehensile tailed porcupines originate from South America.  Their tail, predominantly made of muscle, can be used like a 5th appendage.  Their tails can measure up to 19 inches long.  These adorable creatures can live up to 19 years.  They are arboreal, meaning they like to climb and spend their time in trees.  They are nocturnal, so they most active at night.  However, they are easily woken during the day when we come with treats.  They are herbivores and eat mainly root vegetables, nuts, greens, and nutritional biscuits.


The Dawn Stewart Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the legacy of Dawn Stewart, a passionate advocate for alpacas. Therefore, we are proud to announce the “Dawn Stewart Memorial Scholarship” as one of our flagship programs.

Congratulations to Eagle Eye Farm for winning the Gold Medal Farm Video Contest by the Alpaca Owners Association!

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Our alpacas, llamas, and sheep at Eagle Eye Farm are sheared each year. Their fleece and wool are processed and made into wonderful roving and yarn that's used to make these exceptional products. 

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