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Eagle Eye Farm



Miniature Highland Cow
DOB: April 2020
Color: Red and White
Breed: 75% Highland/25% Hereford

The Highland cattle is from Scotland.  They are known for their hair, which is actually made up of two layers – a long outer layer and a downy undercoat that helps to protect them from extreme temperatures.  They are also known for their horns.  Dawn has always loved the look of the Scottish Highland Cattle.  Unfortunately, we do not have the acreage to accommodate the full size animals.  So, we have miniature Highland cattle.  The mini Highlands have many of the same traits as the larger cattle, just a smaller size, which is definitely easier on the earth and requires less acreage.   The mini Highlands are friendly, social, calm, and don’t spook easily. Wilma loves her sweet feed.  She is definitely docile.  She enjoys getting rubbed and brushed.

Wilma has a forever home at Eagle Eye Farm.

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