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Eagle Eye Farm



DOB: April 29, 2020
Color: White with Black Markings
Reg: 1855 Hubbard Farm Fiona 002
Gender: Ewe
Breed: 75% Valais Blacknose, 25% Scottish Blackface
Sire: VBN0939 Highland Darnell UK0522636/05919
Dam: 1419 BaaRamEwe Shaun 0027 
Conception: AI
Number: Twin

75% Valais Blacknose/25% Scottish Blackface.  The Scottish Blackface originate from the border region of Scottland and are known to have long wool.  Fraya and Fiona love to frolick in the pasture.  These two girls are beautiful as we are absolutely delighted to have them on our farm.  Fiona is definitely more people oriented.  She comes up for rubs and definitely enjoys our interactions.  Fiona's friendly personality definitely passed through two her two daughters - Perdita and Verity.  These two ewes, born in 2021, are like little dogs.  They love to be petted.  Fiona is a fabulous mother!

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