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Eagle Eye Farm

EEF Annabelle

EEF Annabelle

DOB: June 5, 2021
Color: White with Black Markings
Reg: Pending
Gender: Ewe
Breed: 87.5% Valais Blacknose, 12.5% Scottish Blackface
Sire: Passchendaele Flanders UK0715557/00140
Dam: 1889 BennettCr 7922 Fraya 
Conception: AI
Number: Single

87.5% Valais Blacknose and 12.5% Scotish Blackface.  Annabelle was the first lamb born on our farm - and is she special!  To our great surprise, we found Annabelle in our pasture on a Saturday evening.  We had to supplement her feedings as a baby, so she was bottle fed.  To this day, every time she hears Dawn's voice, she lets out a very distinctive baa.  It has been so fun to see her grow.  We look forward to breeding her in 2023.

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